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Discover our Courses

Discover our Courses

Why taking a course with us?

Why taking a course with us?

The history of Europe is full of upheavals, destructions and beginnings. At present, too, we are experiencing a world in change: digitalisation, war, disputes over resources, ecological damage, polarisation, concentration of wealth, and others. History can inspire to think in larger contexts, to understand today and to develop another tomorrow.

We provide information for all. Adult educators will also receive didactic suggestions for participatory, non-formal activities.

The courses are free. No registration is necessary.


The history of a country influences how people perceive themselves as a citizen. A critical understanding of the past is therefore not a luxury, but necessary for democracy.

Learning for life

Reflecting on history promotes insight into the possibilities of (one's own) life. It sheds light on alternatives and helps to deal with complexity, paradoxes and ambivalences.

History is present

... today. How is it spoken about? What is kept silent about? Is history used for current interests - if so, how?

European horizons

Peace in Europe needs a strong foundation: its citizens and their knowledge and understanding of different perspectives. Discussing history helps to overcome foreignness, alienation and narrow-mindedness. It inspires to open doors for new things together.
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Who we are

Who we are

In our group work adult educators from a university, a theatre, a museum, an institute, a small company and a NGO together.

We are based in Finland, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, and Serbia. During two 5-day workshops and 3 short organisational meetings we exchanged on the content parts of each partner’s courses and tested the suggested didactic materials together. What we offer is a result of cooperation in a transnational context.