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    Collective intelligence powered by cloud-server has emerged as a pre-eminent technology in the field of Antivirus and Internet Security. Panda Dome has tolerably adopted the idea and designed its security software to stand against cyber assaults and offer real-time protection against zero-day threats. One of the best Free Antivirus applications, Panda Free Antivirus is one of the well-known products and it has been placed in the preferred lists of tech experts along with other important AV companies such as Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, F-secure, and Kaspersky. Panda’s Free edition is compatible with windows, mac, and Android and can be launched on any kind of device.

    How Panda Antivirus Serves Protection?

    Panda Antivirus Free Edition has been designed to offer not only protection against viruses but also against cyber attacks as well through internet security. Here are the features and their roles-

    ● Anti-Virus

    Anti-Virus features a mightly scan engine that scans the system on boot-time, periodically and users’ demand to find our latent threats such as malware, adware, rootkits, keyloggers, trojans and another type of viruses. It immediately eliminates such files from the system to assure future safety. The antivirus also restricts virus contamination from external sources such as USB.

    ● Anti-spyware

    Clou-based intelligence is powered by behavioral detection that identifies the apps that are caught in suspicious acting within the system. The anti-spyware immediately blocks their prying activities and stops the intruder from collecting users’ information illegitimately.

    ● Vulnerability Detection

    The collective intelligence of this Computer virus Protection Software stays always alert to check if any application in the system requires updates and also looks after if the system has any security weakness. It immediately takes restorative measures to minimize the security holes and weaknesses before the cyber intruders take advantage of the vulnerability.

    ● Multi-Layered Ransomware Protection

    Panda is certainly one of the Best Free Antivirus software as it offers a unique feature that is safe-vault protection. Users can keep their important files, information, data, and photos in a multilayered password-protected vault to save them from ransomware encryption attacks. The safe-vaulting idea also assures that sensitive data can not be exposed to evil hands.

    ● Browser Protection

    Panda Free Antivirus features robust internet protection that accomplishes multi-purpose protection to assure security for users’ identity and money. It blocks the fraud websites that can fetch the users into scams. It also keeps users’ identity protected while they surf the internet. It keeps the users’ card detail safe while they make a transaction online. It also scans the email inbox to find our malicious attachments before the users launch them on the device.

    ● Download Protection

    Panda Free Antivirus restricts automatic downloads of adware initiated by harmful websites. The download protection also scans the downloaded files to assure the users if the files are safe to launch on the system or not.

    ● Firewall

    Apart from virus and internet protection, Panda Antivirus free features a strong firewall that keeps the network protected from the attacks of botnet serves restricts the network hackers and keeps the wifi protected with a strong password. It also reduces internet traffic to boost browsing speed.

    ● Free VPN

    With the use of free VPN, users can keep their virtual locations hidden and can browse anonymously. It is a clever approach to keep users’ online activities hidden from the spying eyes of cyber intruders.

    ● Parental Control

    Apart from being a Computer virus Protection Software, this antivirus also highlights a useful feature that is parental control. The parents can now have a through access to their children’s internet use. They can restrict the illegitimate and incorporate contacts of the internet from being discovered by their underaged children. They also can set the screentime for their children’s internet access. The parental control lets the parents have a complete understanding of their children’s internet browsing history.

    What are the other benefits of Panda Free Antivirus?

    Apart from protection, the Panda Antivirus Free edition comes with miscellaneous benefits that further worth its importance. The principal benefits are-

    ● User-Friendly Interface

    ● Easy to Download and remove Install- Easily available on the internet.

    ● Runs Constantly in system background and Leaves Minimal Impact on The power Resource.

    ● Keeps the CPU performance highly optimized

    ● Avoids system slowdowns and heating issues

    ● Receives system updates automatically.

    ● It occupies little space and enhances system performance.

    Computer virus Protection Softwa re is essential in this world of expanding malicious cryptograms. Panda Antivirus Free Edition is assuredly one of the best security software. As far as free antivirus is concerned, this application offers more than just baseline protection. Users can download the program directly by visiting the official website of Panda Dome.

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